How To Remove Handicap Push Button - The Quick Way

Handicap Activation Switches

Today handicap door openers or low energy door operators can be found everywhere due to the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA. A low energy door operator uses 2 knowing act devices to activate the door operator. These knowing act devices are typically wireless handicap push buttons. Knowing act refers to the idea that pedestrians activate the door with the intent of opening the door. This is different than an automatic door sensor, which activates based on motion. With a sensor it is possible pedestrians may activate the door without the intent. The handicap push buttons used have a stainless steel faceplate with the wheelchair symbol and the words "push to open." With so many handicap buttons in buildings everywhere, it is only a matter of time before you need to open the handicap push button to replace the battery or replace the switch altogether. In this article we explain how to take apart the handicap push button the easy and fast way.

Allen Screw Style Push Button Removal

Handicap Button With Allen Hex Key Screw Holes

On the faceplate you will see 3 holes at the top, and 3 holes at the bottom. The screws are located at each corner. Simply insert the correct allen hex key into the hole and loosen the screws. It is important to note not to fully remove the screws. The holes in the stainless steel faceplate are slotted, so it only requires you to loosen the screws and lift up on the stainless steel faceplate to remove it off of the screws. 

Handicap Button Allen Screw Hole Template

Phillips Screws In Faceplate, Screw At Bottom Of Surface Mount Box

Round Handicap Button With Screw Holes In Faceplate

There are some handicap push buttons that do not have small allen screw holes in the faceplate, but instead have phillips head screws. These types of push buttons are quite easy to remove as they are designed to mount to a 2 piece surface mount black plastic box. Look at the bottom of the black mounting box that the switch is attached too. At the bottom of the surface mount box is a phillips screw which can be removed. Once removed the handicap switch can be removed. Once removed you will notice that the handicap button and plastic housing removes from a plastic back plate which is screwed to the wall.

2 Piece Plastic Surface Mount Box With Screw Hole In Bottom

Phillips Screws In Faceplate, No Screw At Bottom Of Surface Mount Box

Handicap Button Wheelchair Symbol With Push To Open Text

There are some models of handicap push buttons which have screws in the faceplate, but do not have a hole at the base of the surface mount plastic box. For these models, you have to remove the screws from the faceplate, in order to access the back plate. Once you have access to the back plate you will see the 4 allen screws holding the backplate to the surface mount box. Simply remove the allen hex screws, and the back plate will pull off of the surface mount box.

Handicap Button Switch Attaching To Surface Mount Wall Box
With these tips you will be able to take apart and remove any handicap button. All automatic door operators should only be worked on by certified automatic door technicians. All manufacturer instructions and recommendations should be followed. If you have any questions please contact us at All handicap automatic door buttons and parts can be purchased at the link below.


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