Horton Automatic Sliding Door Troubleshooting- 5 Fixes That Save You Money!

Horton Automatics is one of the largest automatic sliding door manufacturers in the United States. In this article we go over 5 easy fixes for their most popular automatic sliding door system, the Series 2000 Linear Drive.

The Horton 2000 Linear Drive Automatic door system is comprised of some unique automatic door parts. It features a rod concealed inside of the header. The door panels are attached to a cable which is mounted to a bearing drive block that slides along the rod. A dc motor is connected by a coupling to the rod. When the doors open the DC Motor rotates the coupling causing the rod to spin. The bearing drive block then slides along the rod, making the doors open. What makes this door system unique is the use of the bearing drive block, rod, and cable as most automatic sliding door systems are comprised of a rubber timing belt which moves along the dc motor pulley.

Fix #1: Doors Are Stuck In The Same Position and Will Not Move

Turn the power to the door off. Check all the moving door panels and make sure that none have gotten derailed from the top track. You may need to remove the header cover. To do this remove the fasteners accessed at the bottom of the header. IMPORTANT: Be careful when removing the header cover, when the screws are removed the header cover will fall off, as it is not hinged. Look at the top of each moving door panel. There are small steel rollers that ride along the top track. Confirm that each roller is indeed on the top track properly, and not derailed. If the roller is derailed, unscrew the bolt in the door panel to loosen the stainless steel roller assembly, enough so that you can lift the door and place the roller back on the track. Once the roller is back on the track tightened the bolt.

Horton C406 Automatic Door Top Roller

Fix #2: Doors Open Slowly and Do Not Open All The Way

Remove the header cover so that you can see the internal components of the automatic door linear drive system. Watch as the the door tries to open. The linear bearing drive block is made up of 2 pieces, an upper cast aluminum block with 2 bearings, and a lower cast aluminum block with 2 bearings. The 2 cast aluminum blocks sandwich the rod. Verify that the linear bearing drive block is not compressed too tight on the rod, as it can cause unecessary friction making it difficult for the doors to open all the way. If that checks out then watch again as the door tries to open. When it slows down or stops altogether, take a rubber mallet or object and hit the dc motor. If the door begins to open further, then you know your dc motor is bad. When dc motors get old, carbon builds up inside of the motor from the worn brushes. This can short out the dc motor making it ineffective and potentially damaging to the control box if not addressed immediately.

Horton C2102-1 Automatic Door Bearing Drive Block Assembly

Horton C2100-2 Automatic Door Motor Assembly

Fix #3: Doors Do Not Open Or Close. When Pushed By Hand They Slide Open Smoothly

Turn the power to the door off. Remove the header cover. Verify that the cable is not cut or broken. If the cable is broken a new cable can be purchased and easily installed.

Horton K467-1 Automatic Door Cable Kit

Fix #4: Doors Rumble Open. Doors Open Very Bumpy

Turn the power off to the door. Remove the header cover. Look at your top track where the steel rollers ride on. Over time the top track cap wears down. Look to see if you see wear in it, bumps, or breaks in it. Replace the top track cap with a new one. The doors will open much smoother and the door will be much quieter. When you replace the top track cap, we always recommend installing new steel top rollers as well. Many times if the top track has worn out, it is a clue the steel rollers are not far behind, so it's best to do it all at once for preventive maintenance.

Horton C0291-1 Automatic Door Top Track Cap

Fix #5: Doors Are On. Sensor LED Lights Are Illuminated, But Doors Don't Open Automatically

Turn the power off to the door. Remove the header cover. Look at the power supply. There are fuses on the power supply. Verify that none of the fuses are blown. You should have continuity across each fuse. If a fuse is blown, replace it accordingly. If the fuse keeps popping check that the DC motor is not grounded and verify that all low voltage accessories are not shorted on the control board somewhere. If the DC motor checks out, and all accessories check out, then replace the control box.

With these 5 fixes you should be able to repair your Horton 2000 Linear Drive Automatic Sliding Doors. But remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions, as they are constantly updated. Also make sure all repairs are done by certified automatic door technicians. If you have any questions please contact us at custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com . If you need to purchase Horton automatic door parts they can be purchased at the link below.

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