How Do You Stop A Door From Slamming

One of the most common problems on any door is "How do you stop a door from slamming?" Typically this problem arises after a door is anywhere from 5-10 years old. The answer or solution to this problem is actually quite simple.

Almost all doors today have a door closer. A door closer is a hydraulic device that is mounted to the top of the door frame or on the door. It controls the closing speed of the door. If your door is slamming shut there are 2 things that could be happening.

1. The Door Closer Is Not Adjusted Correctly
It could be that the door closer is not adjusted properly. Each door closer typically has 2 hydraulic valves, the latch speed control adjustment, and the closing speed control adjustment. The closing speed adjustment valve controls the speed at which door closes. If your door is slamming shut, you need to slow down the closing speed by rotating the valve. Rotating the valve clockwise will increase the closing speed, while rotating the valve counter clockwise will reduce the closing speed. We recommend only turning the valves 1/8-1/4 turn at a time. never fully close the valve or fully open/remove the valve, as all the hydraulic fluid will leak from the door closer, making the door closer unusable.

The latch speed refers to the last few inches before the door is in the full closed position. Again, if your door is shutting, the latch speed will need to be slowed down, so the door will not slam shut. The latch speed can be increased by rotating the valve clockwise or decreased by rotating the valve counter clockwise.

2. Door Closer Is Broken
Look at your door closer body. Do you see oil leaking anywhere from the door closer? If you do see oil, that would indicate the door closer seals are broken and the door closer is no longer in operating condition. The best solution in this case is to purchase a brand new door closer.

Questions For Fixing A Slamming Door Closer: Ask The Experts
Of course if you have any questions email or visit our website , as a leading door hardware supplier our on staff experts can help you. If you need to purchase door closers or parts they can be purchased at the links below.

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