LCN Senior Swing: What You Need To Know In 2 Minutes

The LCN Senior Swing is arguably the highest quality door opener on the market. But how does it add up to competitor door openers such as the Besam SW100 or the Stanley Magic Force. Well in our opinion it is well worth every penny and here is why.

Proven Engineering Design
Many of you older door guys may remember the term "Senior Swing" back in the old Dor-O-Matic days. Many decades ago Dor-O-Matic dominated the automatic door industry with their "Senior Swing." Well LCN acquired the Senior Swing product as well as the Dor-O-Matic company and you can expect a better than ever Senior Swing design for today's market.

Dominates High Traffic Doors
As one of the largest automatic door opener dealers in the USA we know door openers. In a market where there are many door openers that do not last, this is not the case with the LCN Senior Swing. Alot of this we believe is due to the heavy duty motor/gearbox or drive unit. The gears in the Senior Swing are some of the strongest in the market today. The gears are concealed inside the gearbox housing, protecting it's gear drive internals unlike inferior units. The powerful motor allows for smooth door opening operation at the perfect speed. While some door openers feature no power and struggle with larger door sizes, the Senior Swing does not have this problem.

Beefy 2 Year Warranty
 If you are in the market for buying the LCN Senior Swing purchase from an authorized LCN dealer. If you are unsure ask them directly. Why you might ask? Simply put, the warranty. And it does matter. LCN offers an overly generous warranty of 2 years, unheard of an automatic pedestrian door operator. Now granted, we understand why they do this. The Senior Swing has no problem lasting over 20 years. Don't believe me, walk into an old grocery store that still uses the Dor-O-Matic Senior Swings. There is your proof! But remember the warranty is only honored with authorized dealers, buying the Senior Swing from a 3rd part dealer could hurt you in the long run.

All The Bells & Whistles
Today there are many door openers out there and their and the common thing to do is to just compare the price. You should not look at the price when purchasing a pedestrian door opener. Instead you should be looking at the functions and certifications. Why you may ask. Because not all door openers are apples to apples. The Senior Swing features a state of the art control box allowing it to have automatic door opener functions like push and go. Where the pedestrian can simply push on the door, and the Senior Swing will sense this and open the door. This is a great function for hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Another feature is the power boost option. If you work on doors in any commercial building you know that the HVAC system can cause stack pressure on doors. Hospitals with clean rooms require the doors to be sealed and closed. With the Senior Swing the intelligent control box allows the installer to to program the door to ramp up power in order to close the door when stack pressure is present. With the Senior Swing the list goes on. Not only that but the product is UL Listed. Buyers and installers need to be aware that there are many automatic door openers out there which do not have the UL listing. Why does this matter. You do not want to buy a door opener which is not UL Listed, have it installed, and find out from the building inspector it does not pass your local codes.

Easy Installation
Like many people you buy a door opener thinking you got a killer deal. You open it up and are ready to install and blammo! There is absolutely no instructions or product guides. With the Senior Swing you do not have to worry. With a library of easy to follow installation videos as well as a thorough instruction manual, you will have the door opener installed in less than an 2 hours.

Automatic Door and Hardware Gives the Senior Swing a 5/5 for an overall product rating. If you are interested in purchasing the LCN Senior Swing you can do so at the link below. Automatic Door and Hardware is an authorized LCN dealer and has a full inventory of LCN Senior Swing Door Openers, Replacement Parts, and LCN Actuation Devices. If you have any question please contact us at

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