Stanley Automatic Door Sensor Adjustments - What You Need To Know!

Stanley Access Technologies manufactures automatic sliding doors and automatic swing door operators for pedestrians. One of the most common questions we receive is how to adjust the automatic door sensor. In this article we go over the available adjustments on the motion sensor for Stanley automatic doors. Please keep in mind, your Stanley door may have a different sensor on it, if you have had your door repaired and the installer removed the original sensor and installed a competitor brand.

Stanley SU-100 Automatic Door Motion Sensor

Understanding The Stanley SU-100 Automatic Door Motion Sensor

Stanley SU-100 Automatic Door Motion Sensor is a universal sensor which can be used on nearly any model of auotmatic door including automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors, and even automatic revolving doors. This sensor features a unidirectional radar, meaning it can be triggered from the motion of pedestrians approaching the door, but will ignore any traffic moving away from the door. With this unidirectional technology, the Stanley SU-100 can save on energy costs, leading to one of the major reasons it is one of the most popular automatic door motion sensors on the market. The Stanley SU-100 is so intelligent and precise that it can actually detect moving traffic as slow as 2 inches per second. This is an incredible stat compared to other sensor brands, and makes the Stanley SU-100 one of the safest sensors on the market today. The Stanley SU-100 can detect as low as 6 feet or as high as 13 feet. It is powered by 12 or 24VAC or VDC.

Commonly Asked Question: Is The BEA Eagle The Same Sensor?

In short, the Stanley SU-100 is a custom BEA Eagle. The BEA Eagle can directly replace the Stanley SU-100 as long as the relay output is set to 2 (see programming adjustments at end of the article)

How To Open The Stanley SU-100 Automatic Door Motion Sensor

The simplest way to remove the sensor cover or housing is to use a flat head screw driver and insert it in the tiny hole at the top of the sensor. Once inserted pull down on the screw driver and the cover will pop off. Whenever removing or installing the cover always be conscious of the sensor motion antenna horn. It can be very easy to accidentally bump the sensor antenna horn while doing this.
 Removing or Sensor Cover

Do's and Don'ts of The Stanley SU-100 Automatic Door Sensor

1. Do not touch any electrical parts
2. Avoid vibrations with this motion sensor. The sensor should always be mounted on a non-moving surface.
3. Do not cover the sensor cover.
4. Avoid proximity to neon lamps or moving objects.
5. Sensor should be installed in a dry location away from rain or snow. If installed outside exposed to the elements be sure to use the proper rain protective hood accessory.

How To Install A New Stanley SU-100 Automatic Door Motion Sensor

The Stanley automatic door sensor can be installed using the sticker template provided. Simply drill a hole through the header and route the sensor wire through the hole. Follow the wiring pin out provided with sensor, which uses red and black for 12-24vdc, green for the Normally Open contact, and White for the Common contact. Always be sure to route the sensor cable through the guided path shown in the diagram below. For wiring the Stanley SU-100 automatic door sensor refer to the proper Stanley control board manual for the proper terminals.

How To Adjust The Angle On The Stanley SU-100

At the center of the sensor is the antenna. For adjusting the angle of the motion detection path simply rotate the sensor antenna left or right for the width and up or down for the depth. Refer to the illustration below.

 How To Adjust The Width of Detecton On The SU-100 Sensor

The automatic door motion sensor comes with 2 different antenna boards. One board can be used for a detection width pattern of 13 feet x 6 feet 6 Inches, and is the widest pattern. While the other antenna board can be used for a narrow detection width of 6 feet 6 inches x 8 feet. Typically the extra antenna board is stored at the top of the sensor. Refer to the illustration below.

Common Programming Adjustments

The illustration below shows a chart of the Stanley SU-100 automatic door sensor adjustments. 

Zone Size Adjustment: This is a programming adjustment for the detection size. This is adjustable 0 to 9, with 0 being the smallest zone and 9 being the largest zone.

Immunity Filter Adjustment: This is adjustable from 1 to 9, with 1 being a low immunity to the environment and 9 being the highest immunity.

Hold Open Time: This can be adjusted from 0.5 seconds to 9 seconds. It is the amount of time the sensor remains triggered.

Detection Mode: This is the type of detection the sensor uses. One way detection with motion tracking is the standard.

Output Configuration: This is the relay contact adjustment of either Normally Open or Normally Closed Contact. Most automatic door openers utilize the Normally Open contact.

F2 Door Control: This refers to when the sensor detects and the LED is on. On Stanley SU-100 motion sensors the sensor is always detecting and the LED is on. When pedestrian approaches the sensor and the sensor is triggered the LED shuts off. Please note that if you purchased a BEA Eagle automatic door sensor it is a suitable replacement for the Stanley SU-100, but you need to change this relay output to 2.

These are the major adjustments for Stanley automatic door sensors. Of course we always recommend following the manufacturer's instructions as they are constantly updated and always make sure these adjustments are made by certified automatic door technicians. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at . All Stanley automatic door sensors and parts can be purchased at the link below:

Shop Stanley Automatic Door Sensors


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