Stanley Automatic Swing Doors Troubleshooting- How To Fix Your Door

Stanley Magic Access Low Energy Swing Door Operator With Wireless Handicap Push Buttons

Stanley automatic swing door operators also known as handicap door openers are one of the most popular automatic door operator sold. Stanley offers 3 main models: Magic Access, Magic Force, and Magic Swing. In this article we go over some great troubleshooting tricks and tips to fix your Stanley automatic door operator.

Stanley Automatic Swing Door Won't Close

Check all handicap door opener buttons and make sure none are activated keeping the door open. Handicap push buttons get hit millions of times a year and can take some serious damage and abuse over time. Making sure all your handicap buttons are in good condition and not bent or sticking, could help eliminate any chance of your automatic door opener staying open. 

Check all sensors. If your Stanley automatic door operator has any door mounted sensors, check to make sure none of the sensors are being triggered, causing the door to stay open.

Check the Stanley automatic door control switch. Most Stanley automatic swing door operators feature an On/Off/Hold Open switch. Make sure the Hold Open switch is not activated.

Stanley Automatic Swing Door Is Slamming

Turn the automatic door opener control switch to off. When the door is turned off, the Stanley automatic door operator has a built in spring, which allows the door operator to close the door. Push the door open to the full open position. Release the door, the door operator should close the door and then the very last few inches, the door should shut at an even slower speed. We call this slower speed the latch. Verify that the door opener does this. If not, then the latch speed needs to be adjusted. This can be done by adjusting the cam/microswitch on the motor/gearbox, depending on which model of Stanley automatic door operator you may have. If the door closes very sporadically, manually push it shut flush with the door frame. If the door does not stay shut, but pops out again, then you may have a broken spring. In this case you would need to replace the entire motor/gearbox assembly.

Stanley Automatic Swing Door Operator Won't Open

If your Stanley automatic door operator won't open when you push the handicap button, then go to the Stanley automatic door control switch and flip it to "hold open." If the Stanley automatic door operator opens the door, then you know the problem is in either your handicap push button, the handicap push button's transmitter, or your handicap push button receiver.

When I Press The Handicap Button, The Stanley Automatic Swing Door Opener Works Intermittently

Flip the automatic door control switch on the Stanley automatic door operator header box to "hold open." Confirm the door operator opens each time you do that. If this is the case, you know the problem is in the wireless handicap push button radio controls. Check to make sure all transmitters have a fully energized 9 volt battery. Make sure the receiver inside of the Stanley header box has the antenna sticking out of the header. If the antenna of the receiver is inside of the aluminum header, it will not be able to receive any signals emitted from the transmitters. If this all checks out, you most likely have a 300 MHz transmitter/receiver combination. 300 MHz is notorious for intermittent signals being received by the receiver. You may want to upgrade to a 900 MHz transmitter/receiver combination. At 900 MHz the wavelength of the signal being transmitted is much shorter than the wavelength of the 300 MHz. Shorter wavelength, means the signal can transmit or penetrate through objects and obstructions much better than a long wavelength. This is why the 900 MHz transmitter works great in almost all scenarios.

300 MHz Receiver
300 MHz Transmitter

900 MHz Receiver

900 MHz Transmitter
Try these easy to check troubleshooting techniques to fix your Stanley automatic swing door opener. We always recommend to follow the manufacturer's latest instructions manuals and always make sure these adjustments are made by certified automatic door technicians. If you have any questions you can email us at If you need automatic door replacement parts for your repair you can purchase them at the link below.


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