Horton Automatics Series 7000 Troubleshooting

Horton 7000 Low Energy Door Operator

The Horton 7000 low energy door operator is one of the most popular door operators on the market today. In this article we explore some of the most common troubleshooting techniques and repairs for the Horton 7000 Easy Access door opener.

Horton 7000 Door Operator Won't Open

If your door will not automatically open, don't panic! Check each handicap button. Most likely one of the handicap buttons is not operational. If one of the handicap buttons works, but the other does not, open up the handicap button and verify that the battery is fully charged. Each wireless handicap button utilizes a 9 Volt battery, over time the battery runs out.

Horton 7000 Door Operator Slams Open and Shut

The Horton 7000 utilizes microswitches on the motor/gearbox for the latch and check position. Verify that the latch and check switches are functional. When the switches are activated, the door should go into the appropriate speed. For example, when the door swing is about 10-20 degrees right before it fully closes, it should be entering into the latch position. This would mean that the latch switch should be compressed from the cam, and the door opener should be operating in low latch speed. If the switches are broken/non-functioning, the door opener will never be triggered to go into the low latch speed. Most of the time the cam just needs to be readjusted. The cam itself is attached to the gearbox spindle by an allen screw. If the allen screw was not tightened securely, it can come loose over time. If this is the case, readjust the cam appropriately and secure the allen screw tightly so the cam connot come loose.

Horton 7000 Door Operator Is Noisy

If your Horton 7000 door operator is noisy then try to identify where you are hearing the noise. Shut off the door operator and remove the door arm. Be careful when you remove the door arm as the motor gearbox has an internal clock spring under pressure. Manually push the door back and forth, verifying that the door is not making the noise. It is very common for the door hinges to be the culprit. If not, then check the motor/gearbox. The gearbox is comprised of a range of gears. One of the gears is made of a nylon/plastic. Check to make sure that gear is intact and no teeth are missing. If the gearbox checks out, then check the door arm itself. Is the door arm pivoting and making the noise. If you have a pull inswing arm with track, is that making noise because it is not properly shimmed.

With these easy fixes you will have your Horton 7000 Door Operator up and running in no time. Just remember to always follow the original manufacturer's instructions. Also remember that all automatic doors should be worked on by certified automatic door technicians. For any questions please contact us at custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com. If you need to buy Horton 7000 automatic door operators or replacement parts, you can do so at the link below.

Buy Horton 7000 Automatic Door Operators and Parts


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