Horton Sensor Troubleshooting - Fixes To Save Money

Horton Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensors

Horton commercial automatic sliding doors feature a number of automatic door sensors. Is your sensor not working? Before you replace it, check out these quick and easy troubleshooting techniques that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Horton Automatic Door Motion Sensors

Mounted at the top of each Horton commercial sliding door is the activation sensor. Depending on the year your door was manufactured, you could have a number of activation sensor models. Luckily, no matter what your type of automatic door sensor may be, the troubleshooting technique is the same. When your sensor is activated the display light on the sensor will light up. Crouch down, out of the detection zone of the sensor. Is the sensor light illuminated. If so, then it is activated and detecting something. Check both inside and outside activation sensors. Once you determine which sensor is detecting, the solution is as simple as adjusting the sensor. Depending on the sensor model this can be as easy as moving the antenna horn angle outward such that the motion sensor does not detect the moving door panels, causing the reactivation of the doors.

Horton Automatic Door Activation Sensors

Horton Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensors

Horton has used a variety of automatic door safety beam sensor models over the years. We are going to focus on the safety beam models that are currently used, the Optex OS-12C.  On Horton automatic sliding doors the photo electric beam sensors  or photo eyes are recess mounted into the door stiles or the door jambs. One photo cell acts as the emitter sending an infrared signal to the receiver photo cell. The emitter photo cell is mounted on one side of the door stile and the receiver photo cell is mounted on the other side of the door stile, making the beam shine across the door way. If the door is staying open check each photo cell. Many times, the photo cells can pop out of the door stile. If this happens the emitter cannot send the signal in the right direction, as it is not properly lined up with the receiver. Simply pop the photo cell sensor back into the door stile and the door should work.

Horton Upper and Lower Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensors 

All automatic doors should only be worked on by certified automatic door technicians. All manufacturer installation instructions and recommendations should always be followed. This article is not meant for installation instructions. If you have any questions please contact custsvc@autodoorandhardware.com. All Horton automatic door sensors can be purchased at the link below.

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