How To Adjust Stanley Magic Access - The Quick & Easy Way

Stanley Magic Access Low Energy Automatic Door Opener With Wireless Handicap Buttons

The Stanley Magic Access is a low energy automatic swing door opener. It is very common to find Stanley Magic Access swing door operators in banks, schools, government buildings, post offices, and many more. Typically, a Stanley Magic Access door operator installation includes a wireless handicap push button on the exterior and another handicap button on the interior. When pedestrians activate either handicap button, the Stanley Magic Access automatically opens the door. Some installations feature no handicap buttons, as the Magic Access has "push and go" technology, where if a pedestrian starts to push or pull the door open, the Magic Access control box is triggered to automate the door. In this article we explore the simplest and easiest ways to adjust the Stanley Magic Access door opener.

Basic Components Of The Stanley Magic Access

The Stanley Magic Access door opener is comprised of a 4 basic components: the motor/gearbox assembly, the control box, the door arm, and the actuator or activation device. When a pedestrian presses a handicap button, a signal is sent to the Magic Access control box to power the dc motor/gearbox. When power is applied to the dc motor/gearbox, the spindle at the bottom of the gearbox rotates. The door arm is attached to the gearbox spindle, such that when the spindle rotates, the door arm pushes the door open. When the gearbox spindle rotates to open the door, it is compressing a clock spring. After an adjustable time delay set by the installer on the control box, the control box stops sending power to the motor/gearbox. With no power, the motor/gearbox spindle rotates in the opposite direction due to the wound clockspring. As the gearbox's internal clock spring unwinds, the door arm then pulls the door closed. One of the most commonly asked questions we get is what happen's if the building loses electricity. Does the door opener still close? The answer is yes the door opener will still close, due to the clock spring.

Stanley 110378 Magic Access Motor Gearbox Assembly Right Hand

Stanley 110357-1 Magic Access Control Box

Stanley Magic Access Control Box Adjustments

TD1 (Time Delay 1): Open Check Timer

Open check is approximately the last 4-6 inches before the door is in the full open position. This distance is adjustable by changing the cams on the motor/gearbox assembly, explained later on in this article. The open check timer is essentially the time delay for how long you want the door sto stay in the full open position.

Push and Go AKA Magic Touch

The Magic Access offers the "push and go" feature also known as the Magic Touch. Ie; a pedestrian pushes the door open slightly, and the door will automatically be triggered to open. This adjustment can be found at approximately the center of the control box in the form of a slide switch.

TD2 (Time Delay 2): Open Cycle Timer For Magic Touch

This is the adjustable time delay for how long the door will stay in the full open position if it is triggered open by push and go (magic touch)

OSP: Open Speed Adjustment

When a pedestrian activates the door to automatically open, the door will open the majority of the door swing at a higher speed. Then the door swing will enter the check distance (the last 4-6 inches of the door swing) and will operate at a slower speed. The Open speed adjustment controls the speed of the initial door swing and not the check portion of the swing.

OCK: Open Check Adjustment

This adjusts the speed of the open check distance as well as the latch distance. The last distance is similar to the open check distance, however it is the last 4-6 inches before the door fully closes. Adjusting this will control the low speed for both the open check and latch check distances. Both latch and open check distances can be adjusted via the cams on the motor/gearbox as explained later.

SENS: Sense Force At Obstruction

This adjustment controls the amount of force required before the controller will read an obstruction. I

HOLD STALL: Stall Holding Force Adjustment

This is the adjustment to control the amount of motor torque to hold the door open against the wound closing spring. If the stall holding force is too low, the dc motor will not have enough power to hold the door open when the spring is wound.

Stanley Magic Access Power Rheostat Adjustment

Magic Access features a large potentiometer located next to the dc motor. This adjusts the closing speed of the clock spring during the initial door close swing.

Stanley 515827-1 Magic Access Closing Rheostat

How To Adjust Open & Latch Check Distance

Open and Latch Check switches are located at the top of the motor/gearbox. On the top of the motor/gearbox is are 2 micro switches. Each microswitch has a roller lever arm which sets on a cam. The cam is located on the top of the gearbox spindle. The top most microswitch is the open check cam. The bottom microswitch is the close check cam. In order to increase or decrease either the open check distance or the latch check distance you need to adjust the cam that each microswitch is set to. The cams are held on the top gearbox spindle via small allen set screws. Simply loosen the allen set screw of the cam you wish to adjust and then rotate the cam to the desired position. Once the position of the cam is correct, tightened the allen screw so that the cams are secure. QUICK TIP: If you ever notice your magic Access slams shut or slams open, check the cam switches. It is very common for the set screws to come out if not properly secured during the initial installation.

With these adjustments you will be able to make adjustments on the Stanley Magic Access Door Operator. Remember to always follow the original manufacturer's instructions. And remember all adjustments should be made by a certified automatic door technician. The information in this article is used for general information only. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at And if you need to purchase Stanley Magic Access Door Operators or replacement parts, you can do so at the link below.

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