Norton Automatic Door Opener Won't Work

Norton 6000 Series Automatic Door Opener

Norton Door Controls, a division of Assa Abloy, has been manufacturing commercial door closers since the earliest days of door hardware. As time progressed, they expanded their product line from hydraulic door closure devices to automatic handicap door openers. The Norton automatic door opener utilizes the proven hydraulic door closure technology coupled with a dc motor and gear drive to open the door. With a Norton handicap door opener, you get the best of both worlds. A power motor gear drive to open the door and the proven hydraulic door closer to shut the door. In this article we go over some common trouble shooting techniques for Norton Automatic Door Openers, just in case you find yourself in a situation where your Norton handicap door opener won't work.

Tip#1: Door Won't Open. No Lights On The Norton Control Box

Check for incoming power. Do you have 110VAC going to the Norton Power Supply? If not, then check that your circuit breaker is flipped to on. If the circuit breaker is on, then you most likely will have to replace the Norton control board. Control boxes can become defective if your building has experienced any kind of power surge. There are a number of reasons an electronic control board can go bad, but power surges seems to be the most common.

Tip #2: There Are Lights On The Norton Control Box, But When I Press The Handicap Button, The Door Opener Doesn't Do Anything

Press each handicap button. Do any of them activate the Norton door opener. If not, then check the receiver inside of the Norton door header box. Is the antenna sticking out of the header box. If the receiver antenna is inside of the Norton header, then it will cause interference issues and will not be able to receive the transmitter signal. Press each handicap button, the receiver led should light up indicating that it received the signal. If not, open each handicap button switch and replace the 9v battery connected to each transmitter.

Tip #3: Oil Is Leaking From The Norton Door Opener

If you see oil is leaking from the Norton Auto Door Opener, it is coming from the closure device inside of the header. You will need to replace the Norton door closure cylinder with a new one.

Tip #4: Door Does Not Move When Activated

Check to see if your Norton handicap door opener is chain driven. If it is chain driven, check to make sure the chain has not snapped. If the chain is broken, you will have to replace the entire Norton motor gearbox assembly. Chain cannot be purchased separately, as it requires factory installation.

Tip #5 Norton Handicap Door Opener is Noisy

Check the door arm. Make sure the door arm is tight and there are no loose bolts at the fulcrum points. Also, make sure the door arm was installed at the proper height and location. An incorrect arm installation will cause increased stress on the door opener as it swings open, causing excessive noise. If you have a track arm, make sure the door shoe is not worn down. If the door shoe that glides in the track is worn too much, it will cause excessive noise. In that case you will have to purchase a new door arm track and shoe kit.

With these 5 tips you should be able to keep your Norton handicap door opener running smoothly. Always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions as well as recommendations. Of course if you have any questions you can always contact us at All automatic door operators should be worked on by certified automatic door technicians. Any Norton automatic door openers or parts can be purchased at the link below.

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