Stanley MC521 Pro Fixes That Actually Work!

Stanley MC521 Pro Controller

It can be frustrating when your automatic door is not operating properly. In this article we go over some tricks of the trade for the popular Stanley MC521 Pro that actually work. The Stanley MC521 Pro Control is the latest revision of the automatic door control unit for the commercial Stanley Duraglide Automatic Sliding Doors as well as the Magic Force Handicap Door Openers.

Fix #1 Pro Beams/Self Contained

If you install your Stanley MC521 Pro and the door does not close, then this is most likely your culprit. The default setting for hold open beam types on the Stanley MC521 Pro is for Stanley Pro Beams or Self-contained beams, however most Stanley automatic doors actually have Optex hold open beams. Index 20 on the controller software is the hold open beam type category. Value 01 is the pro beams option. You want to change the value to 00 Optex hold open beams. Once you do this and exit out of the programming, the doors should close. If not, then you have other issues.

Fix #2 b1 Encoder Error

The encoder is the pulse counter device located at the very end of the dc motor. It is also referred to as the rev counter. How it works is there is a magnet that is attached to the top shaft of the dc motor. When the dc motor powers on, the top of the shaft rotates, making the magnet rotate. Inside the encoder box is a photoelectric sensor. As the magnet rotates it counts the rotations and sends that information to the control unit. This is how the control unit measures the distance that the doors slide open or shut. It is very rare that the encoder ever goes out. Although it may be a popular repair to do, because it is so easy, many times the repair can be avoided all together. If your Stanley MC 521 Pro reads a b1 error, turn the power off to the door opener. Unplug the encoder plug from controller. Plug it back in. Make sure it is secure. It is very common for the encoder plug to not get plugged in all the way causing a b1 error. It is also common that the encoder wire harness may have gotten snagged by the moving timing belt. Analyze the encoder harness and make sure it is not damaged in any way. Turn the power back on the door, and  see it it runs normally. Another common way to get a b1 error is if the timing belt is too loose. If the timing belt is too loose and the door gets hit and causes the loose belt to jump belt teeth on the motor/gearbox pulley or the idler pulley, then the controller will have an incorrect calculation of the distance the door is travelling. The door may slam shut or open, because the door controller thinks the door panels are only half open, when they are actually full open with no distance left. When this happens and the door slams, you will get b1 encoder error. To solve this you would need to perform a new first install sequence (FIS).

Fix #3 0b Obstruction Error

The 0b error code means obstruction. To solve this turn the door off. Then check the door track and make sure there are no rocks or obstructions. Make sure the bottom track plastic insert is operational and not damaged. Slide the door panels fast and slow. It is very common for the bottom guides to have failed rollers or a sticky bottom guide shaft which can obstruct the door. Push up and down on the bottom guide forks at the bottom of the heel of the moving door panel. The bottom fork guide should move up and down. If it moves up and sticks, and does not come down, then your bottom guide is defective, and is causing the obstruction. Also check the top rollers, make sure that each roller has a functional bearing and rolls smoothly. It is always wise to replace the bottom guides with the top rollers at the same time to reduce any chance of future failure.

Fix #4 20 Breakout Error

The 20 error code means breakout. This indicates that one of the door panels is swung out. With the door off, swing open each door panel and firmly snap it back in. Turn on the door. If the error is still there, check the breakout switches. You will either need to re-adjust them, or replace them.

Fix #5 E1 Upper Hold Beam Sensor Error & E7 Lower Hold Beam Sensor Error

Check the upper safety beam set or lower beam set depending on which error code you are reading. Confirm that the photocells in the door stiles are functional and not damaged. Check the safety beam control board. On the safety beam control board is an led. When the safety beams are not activated, there should be no light on. When the safety beam is triggered the led should light up. It will either be green or red. A great way to check the safety beam is to wave your hand across the photo cells and look at the safety beam control box, the led should be lit up.

Fix #6 E8 Inside Presence Sensor Error & E9 Outside Presence Sensor

Check the Stanley stanguard sensor. Verify that it is not activated and holding the door open. If you are unsure if it is being held open, then make sure the door is completely clear of pedestrians and blocked off so pedestrians cannot pass through. If you unplug the sensor does the door shut. If so, then it indicates the Stanley Stanguard sensor was keeping the door open. Most likely the sensor just needs to be adjusted so that it does not detect incorrectly.

Stanley Stanguard Threshold Sensor

Fix #7 E5 Inside Sensor Activation Error & E6 Outside Activation Sensor Error

Check the Stanley SU100 Motion Sensors. If the light is not on the sensor it indicates it is detecting motion. If the Stanley SU100 motion sensor has a red light displayed on it, this indicates that it is not detecting any motion and is not triggering the door to stay open.
Stanley SU100 Motion Sensor

Fix #8 Try Resetting The Door

If you get an error or your door is not operating correctly. Try resetting it. Turn the door off and wait a couple of minutes. Then turn it back on. Does it work again? If not, go through the proper trouble shooting techniques until you can fix the door.

With these tips you will without a doubt be able to diagnose your Stanley MC521 Pro Errors and fix them. All automatic doors should only be worked on by certified automatic door technicians. The information in this article are not instructions. All original manufacturer instructions and recommendations should always be followed. If you have any questions you can always contact us at If you need to purchase Stanley MC521 Pro Controllers or other Stanley automatic door products you can at the link below.

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