Precision Matters: Measuring and Glazing Commercial Storefront Window Frames

Commercial storefront windows are the face of your business, providing transparency and inviting natural light into your establishment. Accurate measurements and proper glazing practices are critical for ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. This article serves as a guide for measuring glass size on a storefront commercial window frame, outlines common glazing practices, and highlights Automatic Door and Hardware as your go-to source for commercial aluminum-framed glass storefront windows.

**Measuring for Glass Size:**

1. **Frame Dimensions:**
   Begin by measuring the dimensions of the window frame accurately. Record the width, height, and depth to determine the appropriate size for the glass pane.

2. **Reveal Dimensions:**
   Measure the reveal, which is the distance from the edge of the window frame to the glass. This measurement ensures that the glass fits snugly within the frame without obstructing its movement.

3. **Check for Squareness:**
   Verify that the window frame is square by measuring the diagonals. If the diagonals are equal, the frame is square. In cases of non-square frames, adjustments may be needed for a proper fit.

4. **Consider Thermal Expansion:**
   Account for thermal expansion by allowing a small gap around the glass edges. This gap accommodates temperature changes and prevents undue stress on the glass.

5. **Confirm Frame Type:**
   Identify the type of window frame – whether it's a single or double-glazed system. This information is crucial for ordering the correct glass thickness and ensuring compatibility.

**Common Glazing Practices:**

1. **Use Professional Glaziers:**
   Employing experienced glaziers for the installation ensures precision and adherence to industry standards. Professional expertise is especially crucial for large or custom-sized storefront windows.

2. **Select Appropriate Glass Thickness:**
   Choose the right glass thickness based on factors such as window size, location, and desired insulation properties. Thicker glass provides enhanced insulation and durability.

3. **Install Backer Rods and Sealants:**
   Insert backer rods into the gaps between the glass and frame, followed by the application of a high-quality sealant. This helps create a watertight seal, preventing water infiltration and ensuring energy efficiency.

4. **Utilize Thermal Breaks:**
   If the storefront window is aluminum-framed, consider windows with thermal breaks. Thermal breaks enhance energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the building.

5. **Implement Proper Edge Detailing:**
   Ensure proper edge detailing for the glass, including edge sealant application. This minimizes the risk of moisture infiltration, which could lead to glass degradation over time.

**Why Choose Automatic Door and Hardware:**

1. **Decades Of Experience:**
   Automatic Door and Hardware is an authorized manufacturer of commercial aluminum-framed glass storefront windows. Trust us for genuine and high-quality products designed to meet industry standards.

2. **Wide Range of Options:**
   Explore our extensive inventory of commercial storefront windows, offering various styles, sizes, and features to suit your business needs. Find the perfect solution for your storefront aesthetics and functionality.

3. **Expert Assistance:**
   Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist with expert guidance on measuring, glazing practices, and selecting the ideal commercial aluminum-framed glass storefront windows for your business.


Accurate measurements and proper glazing practices are crucial for the success of your commercial storefront window installation. Automatic Door and Hardware offers a comprehensive range of commercial aluminum-framed glass storefront windows, ensuring a seamless experience in enhancing your business facade. Choose us for precision, reliability, and the assurance that your storefront windows will not only look inviting but also provide optimal performance for years to come.