Smooth Solutions: Techniques to Fix a Commercial Door Rubbing at the Top

Introduction: A commercial door that rubs at the top against the door frame not only compromises the aesthetic appeal but can also lead to functionality issues. This article explores the best techniques to rectify this common problem, ensuring your commercial door operates seamlessly. Discover how Automatic Door and Hardware serves as your trusted source for high-quality commercial storefront glass doors, combining style and functionality.

Techniques to Fix a Commercial Door Rubbing at the Top:

  1. Check for Loose Hinges: Loose hinges are a frequent culprit for doors rubbing against the frame. Tighten any loose screws or bolts in the hinges using a screwdriver. Ensure all hinge components are secure and properly aligned.

  2. Adjust Door Hinges: If tightening the hinges does not resolve the issue, consider adjusting them. Use a wrench or pliers to slightly reposition the hinges, creating more clearance at the top. This may require trial and error to achieve the optimal adjustment.

  3. Verify Door Frame Alignment: Inspect the alignment of the door frame itself. If it is not perfectly squared or if there are any warps, it can cause the door to rub. In such cases, you may need professional assistance to realign or repair the frame.

  4. Examine the Door Size: Ensure that the size of the door is appropriate for the frame. If the door is too large, it may rub against the frame. Consider consulting with a professional to determine if resizing the door is necessary.

  5. Sand or Plane the Door: If the rubbing is minimal, you may choose to sand or plane the top edge of the door slightly. This should be done cautiously to avoid removing too much material, as it can impact the door's overall fit.

  6. Utilize Lubrication: Apply lubricant to the hinges, as well as any other moving parts of the door. Lubrication can help reduce friction and improve the door's overall movement.

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Conclusion: Fixing a commercial door that rubs at the top demands a careful assessment of hinges, alignment, and size. By implementing these techniques, you can address the issue and ensure your door operates smoothly. When it comes to selecting commercial storefront glass doors, trust Automatic Door and Hardware for a diverse range of high-quality options. Choose doors that not only address functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of your commercial space.