Controlling Momentum: Techniques for Adjusting the Speed of Commercial Doors

The speed at which commercial doors operate is crucial for both safety and convenience. In this article, we delve into various techniques for slowing down the speed of commercial doors, ensuring a controlled and secure entry. Additionally, we highlight Automatic Door and Hardware as your trusted source for high-quality commercial doors and door closers.

**Importance of Controlling Door Speed:**

1. **Safety Considerations:**
   - Uncontrolled door speed can pose safety hazards, especially in busy commercial environments. Slowing down the door ensures safe entry and exit for users.

2. **Accessibility:**
   - A door that opens or closes too quickly may be challenging for individuals with mobility issues. Adjusting the speed enhances accessibility for everyone.

3. **Smooth Operations:**
   - Properly controlled door speed contributes to smooth operations, minimizing wear and tear on the door and its components.

**Techniques for Slowing Down Commercial Doors:**

1. **Adjusting Door Closer Settings:**
   - Many commercial doors are equipped with hydraulic door closers. Adjusting the closing speed and backcheck settings on the door closer can significantly impact the speed of the door.

2. **Installing Additional Door Closer Accessories:**
   - Utilize accessories like friction stays or hold-open arms that provide additional control over the door's movement. These accessories can be adjusted to regulate the speed effectively.

3. **Installing Dampers or Speed Regulators:**
   - Door dampers or speed regulators can be added to control the opening and closing speed, offering a more gradual and controlled motion.

4. **Changing Spring Tension:**
   - For doors equipped with spring hinges, adjusting the tension can influence the speed of the door's movement. Consult with a professional for proper adjustments.

5. **Adding Door Opening Delay Devices:**
   - Door opening delay devices introduce a pause before the door begins to close, allowing users more time to pass through safely.

**Why Quality Doors and Closers Matter:**

1. **Durability:**
   - High-quality commercial doors and door closers, such as those provided by Automatic Door and Hardware, offer durability and longevity, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

2. **Adherence to Safety Standards:**
   - Upgrading to quality doors and closers ensures compliance with safety standards, providing peace of mind for building owners and occupants.

3. **Expert Consultation:**
   - Rely on Automatic Door and Hardware's experienced team for expert advice on choosing the right commercial doors and door closers for your specific needs.

**Automatic Door and Hardware: Your Source for Commercial Doors and Door Closers:**

1. **Comprehensive Door and Closer Inventory:**
   - Automatic Door and Hardware offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality commercial doors and door closers, providing a range of options to suit various applications.

2. **Expert Consultation:**
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Effectively controlling the speed of commercial doors is crucial for safety, accessibility, and smooth operations. Automatic Door and Hardware stands as your reliable source for a wide range of high-quality commercial doors and door closers. Choose our solutions for durability, security, and expert support in achieving optimal control over the speed of your commercial doors.