Fine-Tuning Excellence: A Guide to Adjusting Rixson Floor Closers for Optimal Performance

Rixson floor closers are renowned for their precision and reliability, offering seamless door control in commercial spaces. To ensure your doors operate at their best, understanding how to adjust a Rixson floor closer is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore all adjustments, including backcheck and the hold-open function, while recommending Automatic Door and Hardware as your go-to source for purchasing Rixson floor closers and parts.

**1. Closing Speed Adjustment:**
Fine-tuning the closing speed of a Rixson floor closer is a fundamental adjustment. Most Rixson models come equipped with adjustment valves that allow you to control the closing speed according to your preferences. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to make these adjustments, ensuring the door closes smoothly and safely.

**2. Latch Speed Adjustment:**
In addition to closing speed, Rixson floor closers often feature an adjustment valve for latch speed. This allows you to control the speed at which the door latches, providing flexibility in tailoring the door's operation to specific needs.

**3. Backcheck Adjustment:**
Backcheck is a critical feature that controls the door's opening motion. It prevents the door from swinging open too quickly or forcefully, protecting the door and surrounding structure. Adjust the backcheck valve to achieve the desired resistance during the door's opening.

**4. Delayed Action Adjustment:**
Some Rixson floor closers come with a delayed action feature. This adjustment controls the time it takes for the door to move from the fully open to the fully closed position. It's particularly useful in high-traffic areas where a slower closing motion may be required.

**5. Hold-Open Function Adjustment:**
Rixson floor closers often offer a hold-open function, allowing the door to stay open at a predetermined angle. Adjust the hold-open valve to set the desired degree of hold-open. This feature is beneficial for facilitating traffic flow or providing accessibility.

**6. Spring Adjustment:**
The spring tension adjustment allows you to control the force required to open the door manually. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to adjust the spring tension based on the weight and size of the door.

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In conclusion, understanding and mastering the adjustments of a Rixson floor closer is key to ensuring optimal door performance. From closing and latch speeds to backcheck and hold-open functions, these adjustments cater to specific needs in various commercial settings. Elevate your door control experience with Rixson floor closers, available at Automatic Door and Hardware – your reliable source for precision and excellence in door hardware.