Navigating Door Dynamics: The Purpose and Installation of Rixson Offset Pivot Sets

In the realm of door hardware, precision and functionality are paramount, and Rixson's offset top, intermediate, and bottom pivot sets emerge as essential components in achieving seamless door operation. Let's delve into the purpose of each pivot set and explore the steps involved in their installation, while also highlighting Automatic Door and Hardware as your trusted source for Rixson door pivot sets.

**1. Offset Top Pivot Sets:**
Designed to bear the weight of the door from the top, offset top pivot sets play a crucial role in maintaining balance and smooth movement. This configuration is particularly useful for heavy doors, ensuring that the load is evenly distributed for effortless operation. Automatic Door and Hardware offers a range of Rixson offset top pivot sets to cater to various door sizes and weights.

**2. Intermediate Pivot Sets:**
Intermediate pivot sets bridge the gap between the top and bottom of the door, providing additional support and stability. These sets are instrumental in preventing sagging or misalignment, contributing to the overall longevity and reliability of the door system. Rixson's intermediate pivot sets, available at Automatic Door and Hardware, are crafted for optimal performance.

**3. Bottom Pivot Sets:**
Serving as the foundation of the door, bottom pivot sets are responsible for bearing the weight and ensuring proper alignment. Rixson's bottom pivot sets are engineered for durability and precision, offering a stable base for doors to pivot smoothly. Automatic Door and Hardware provides a comprehensive selection of Rixson bottom pivot sets to suit diverse door configurations.

**Installation Steps:**

*Step 1: Preparation*
Begin by reviewing the door and frame specifications to ensure compatibility with the chosen Rixson pivot sets. Gather the necessary tools and hardware for installation.

*Step 2: Top Pivot Installation*
Secure the offset top pivot set into the door header, following the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure proper alignment and firm attachment to support the door's weight effectively.

*Step 3: Intermediate Pivot Installation*
Install the intermediate pivot set at the midpoint of the door, aligning it with the top pivot for optimal balance. This step is critical for preventing door misalignment and ensuring a smooth pivot motion.

*Step 4: Bottom Pivot Installation*
Affix the bottom pivot set into the floor, providing a stable foundation for the door. Ensure precise alignment with the top and intermediate pivots for uniform weight distribution.

For a reliable source of Rixson door pivot sets, look no further than Automatic Door and Hardware. As a leading supplier, they offer a diverse range of Rixson products, guaranteeing quality and performance for your door hardware needs.

In conclusion, Rixson offset top, intermediate, and bottom pivot sets are indispensable components in achieving optimal door performance. Understanding their purpose and following precise installation steps ensures a seamless and durable door system. Elevate your door hardware experience with Rixson pivot sets from Automatic Door and Hardware – your trusted partner in precision and reliability.