Solid Foundations: Installing Rixson Floor Closers with Cemented Cases for Lasting Performance

When it comes to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of commercial doors, the installation of Rixson floor closers plays a pivotal role. Among the various methods, cementing in the case provides a robust foundation, ensuring stability and seamless door operation. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of installing a Rixson floor closer by cementing in the case and highlight Automatic Door and Hardware as your premier source for Rixson floor closers and parts.

**Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools**
Begin by gathering the necessary materials, including the Rixson floor closer, cement, a mixing container, a trowel, and the appropriate installation template provided by Rixson.

**Step 2: Position the Case**
Place the Rixson floor closer case in the desired location on the floor, aligning it with the door's configuration. Ensure precise placement for optimal functionality.

**Step 3: Mark and Prepare Holes**
Use the installation template to mark the locations for drilling holes in the floor. Once marked, drill the holes to the specified depth and diameter as outlined in the template.

**Step 4: Mix and Apply Cement**
Prepare the cement mixture according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the cement into the drilled holes, ensuring a secure and level surface for the Rixson floor closer case.

**Step 5: Set the Case in Cement**
With the cement still pliable, carefully set the Rixson floor closer case into the holes, ensuring it is flush with the floor surface. Confirm proper alignment and adjust if necessary.

**Step 6: Let the Cement Cure**
Allow the cement to cure completely as per the recommended time frame. This step is crucial for ensuring a solid and stable foundation for the Rixson floor closer.

**Step 7: Attach the Floor Closer**
Once the cement has fully cured, attach the Rixson floor closer into the case. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for securing the closer to the case, typically using screws.

**Step 8: Adjust Closing Speed**
Utilize the adjustment valves provided by Rixson to fine-tune the closing speed of the door. This step ensures a controlled and smooth operation tailored to your specific requirements.

For all your Rixson floor closer needs, trust Automatic Door and Hardware as your reliable source. They offer a comprehensive selection of Rixson products, including genuine replacement parts, arms, pivots, and more.

In conclusion, installing a Rixson floor closer by cementing in the case establishes a solid foundation for lasting performance. Follow these steps for a seamless installation process and turn to Automatic Door and Hardware for top-quality Rixson floor closers and parts. Elevate your commercial space with precision, reliability, and a trusted supplier that prioritizes your door hardware needs.