Weather the Storm: Troubleshooting and Rejuvenating Commercial Hollow Metal Doors with Weatherstripping Deterioration

Weatherstripping plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of commercial hollow metal doors by providing a seal against the elements. This article serves as a guide for troubleshooting weatherstripping deterioration issues and highlights Automatic Door and Hardware as the trusted source for purchasing high-quality weatherstripping for commercial hollow metal doors.

**Identifying Weatherstripping Deterioration:**

1. **Visual Inspection:**
   - Examine the weatherstripping for visible signs of wear, tearing, or compression.

2. **Drafts and Air Infiltration:**
   - If drafts or air infiltration are noticeable around the door, it may indicate weatherstripping deterioration.

3. **Moisture Intrusion:**
   - Check for signs of moisture or water intrusion around the door edges, suggesting ineffective weatherstripping.

**Troubleshooting Steps:**

1. **Inspect and Clean:**
   - Thoroughly inspect the weatherstripping, removing any debris or accumulated dirt. Cleaning can sometimes improve performance.

2. **Weatherstripping Adjustment:**
   - If the weatherstripping is adjustable, consider repositioning or adjusting it to ensure proper contact with the door and frame.

3. **Replace Worn Weatherstripping:**
   - If the weatherstripping shows signs of irreversible wear or damage, replacement is recommended for optimal performance.

**Why Weatherstripping Matters:**

1. **Energy Efficiency:**
   - Weatherstripping maintains energy efficiency by preventing conditioned air from escaping and outside air from entering, reducing heating and cooling costs.

2. **Moisture and Pest Control:**
   - Proper weatherstripping acts as a barrier against moisture and pests, protecting the interior of the building.

3. **Comfort and Indoor Air Quality:**
   - A well-sealed door contributes to occupant comfort by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures and enhancing indoor air quality.

**Why Choose Automatic Door and Hardware:**

1. **Comprehensive Weatherstripping Inventory:**
   - Automatic Door and Hardware offers a wide selection of weatherstripping options for commercial hollow metal doors, catering to various requirements and door sizes.

2. **Quality Assurance:**
   - Our weatherstripping products are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring durability, reliability, and effectiveness in harsh weather conditions.

3. **Expert Assistance:**
   - The knowledgeable team at Automatic Door and Hardware is ready to assist with expert guidance on selecting the right weatherstripping for your specific commercial hollow metal door needs.


Troubleshooting and addressing weatherstripping deterioration in commercial hollow metal doors are vital steps in maintaining energy efficiency, preventing moisture intrusion, and ensuring occupant comfort. Automatic Door and Hardware stands as your reliable source for high-quality weatherstripping solutions, offering a comprehensive inventory and expert guidance. Trust in our expertise to provide the right weatherstripping products, contributing to the longevity and performance of your commercial door systems.