LCN Door Closer Parts To Repair Your Door In Under 5 Minutes!

LCN offers a large selection of high quality door closer models. From the LCN 4040XP To the LCN 1461 Door Closer. Chances are if you are building owner or maintenance person, you have come across an LCN door closer. Like anything, you will need parts to repair these door closer. As we all know a door that is down is bad for business no matter how you look at it. But where do you purchase the LCN replacement parts? When the building was constructed, the doors came with LCN door closers from the contractor. But now that the building is constructed and complete you need a source for easy to order LCN replacement parts.

Finding the right supplier may seem difficult. However, it does not have to be. Here are 5 tips to find the LCN Door Closer parts you need to repair your door in under 5 minutes!

1. Identify which LCN Door Closer model you have
In order to repair your LCN Door Closer, you need to know the exact model you have. Is it an LCN 1450 Series or an LCN 4010 Smoothee Door Closer? The fastest way to do so is to remove the door closer cover by removing the fasteners at the top or bottom of the door closer. Then reading the sticker attached to the door closer cylinder. That should provide the model type. If there is no sticker or your LCN door closer does not have a cover. Then measure the horizontal center to center hole distance of the LCN closer body. Next, measure the vertical center to center hole distance of the LCN closer body. With this information you can find the exact model of LCN Door closer you have by matching the dimensions to the LCN manufacturer door closer templates. If you need help email and we can identify your door closer model for you quickly.

2. Identify the Failed Component

Is the LCN Door Closer Leaking?
Believe it or not, door closers are quite easy to repair due to their design. Once an LCN door closer leaks oil, the hydraulic seals have went out, and the door closer is no longer usable. In this case a new LCN door closer is your only option.

Is the LCN Door Closer Slamming Shut?
However, if the door closer is not leaking, but is slamming shut, you may just need to adjust the door closer. Please see our article on how to adjust LCN Door Closers. If you made the adjustments and the LCN door closer is still slamming shut, chances are the door closer or arm was not installed per the manufacturer's instructions and was fastened to the wrong location. In this case contact us and we can guide you to the correct LCN door closer template sheets for correct installation.

Is the LCN Door Closer Arm Loose or Sloppy? Is the Door Closer Arm attached?
Are you missing a door closer arm? Is the current door closer arm loose or broken. It is possible to simply tightened the fasteners on the door closer arm to fix the problem. However, if the door closer arm is broken, you will have to purchase a new one.

Is the LCN Door Closer Missing The Cover?
Probably the easiest fix. Simply purchase a new LCN door closer cover from us. With a door closer cover, the door looks very unprofessional and can hurt your business. Buy a new door closer, and make your doorway look brand new and professional.

3. Purchase the LCN Door Closer Parts
Once the problem has been identified purchase the correct LCN door closer parts. If you still need help, reach out to us. We can guide you to the right LCN door closer parts to fix your problem. Please visit our website link below for all of your LCN door closer replacement parts! Have questions? Contact us at

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